The Ladder

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This access to the campsite was via a ladder built by the Braveheart crew. The alternate route was in an area frequented by sea lions that required us to exit the boat and walk out on slippery rocks, and wearing waders or a cold weather immersion suit.

At the top of the ladder you walk out on the horizontal lumber, to the ladder, then start your way down. These photos show that process.

Much of the time it was reasonably safe. However, when the wind was blowing hard, with rain / snow, and the surf was pounding the boat up against the landing rocks, things got a little “tense”.

You had to take the last few steps from the rock to the boat at just the right moment. When the surf was up and the boat unstable, at least two crew members were there to help.

Before the ladder was built we used a rope to pull our-self to the top . The ladder was removed at project completion.