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The Perseverance DX Group is organizing a team of experienced DXpedition operators to activate the South Orkney Islands (IOTA AN-008) from approximately Feb. 21, 2020 through March 5, 2020.  South Orkney Islands is currently #16 most wanted on Clublog.  

The team will be QRV from Signy Island on 10-160 meters, SSB, CW, RTTY and FT8. Located at 60 degrees south / 45 degrees west, we expect temperatures to hover around freezing most of the time, with constantly changing conditions of wind, rain, snow and occasional sunshine.

The team will erect two extreme weather tents for radio operations, sleeping and eating.

Signy Island is inhabited by various bird species, including giant petrels and penguins as well as elephant seals and fur seals. Our campsite will be sited to avoid disturbance to the wildlife. Establishing a camp site requires extensive research, documentation and permission from multiple government agencies, all of which we have contacted.

The RV Braveheart, from Tauranga, New Zealand) will transport us from Punta Arenas, Chile to Signy Island. The ship will remain on station during the project. Braveheart owner Nigel Jolly and skipper Matt Jolly have both been to Signy Island and are well aware of the geography and challenges associated with a project of this type.

RV Braveheart

Most Recent DXpedition Operation:
South Orkneys (Signy) Islands were last activated by a major DX-pedition as VP8ORK in Jan/Feb 2011 by the Micro-Lite Penguin Expedition Team which made almost 64,000 contacts.  By the time we arrive it will have been 9 years since its last activation. We appreciate the assistance we received from Ralph Fedor K0IR, and Don Greenbaum N1DG, team members of the 2011 VP8ORK DXpedition.

Project Cost:
The activation of South Orkney Islands will be an expensive project with an estimated budget of approximately $325,000(USD). As with all DXpeditions into the Southern Ocean, the most expensive line item is the ship charter followed by freight.We established a budget plan that seeks 50% funding from the DX community and the remaining 50% from the DX-pedition team. By making a donation you can help us offset the cost of this project.

Because of the expected extreme weather, heavy-duty tents suitable for the environment will be used. These tents are very expensive and each weigh approximately 600 pounds (270 kg).

Due to the cost of activating this DXCC entity, it is expected to be several years before it is again activated.

We kindly invite you to donate to this project, and always appreciate your support.