All the Elecraft products are loaned to us by Elecraft.

7 x Elecraft K3S Transceivers


Elecraft KPA-500
SPE and OM Power


We will be located on Signy Island in South Orkney Island Group. Our camp will be near the Waterpipe Hut near Waterpipe beach. The general terrain is a bluff near the ocean that is 10 to 20 M above the sea with over water path to EU.


1 Each, 2 element VDA on 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20m (Vertical)

1 Each, 30m 4 Square (Vertical)

1 Each, 40m 4 Square (Vertical)

1 Each, 40m Delta Loop or Dipole (Horizontal)

1 Each, 80m and 160m Spiderbeam fiberglass pole (Vertical)

1 each, 160m TX – Spiderbeam aluminum 24m vertical

1 Each, Beverage for 80 and 160m

We will also have a selection of EAntenna HF Moxon antennas donated by German equipment manufacturer / supplier: WiMo

Fiberglass poles courtesy of Spiderbeam, Germany.