Press Release #6

For Immediate Release
Press Release #6
September 1, 2019

South Orkney Islands DX-pedition

Corporate Sponsors
We are delighted to announce that Low Band Systems will supply their High-Power Bandpass Filters for all planned bands. This complement of best in class filters, in conjunction with vertical and horizontal polarized antennas, will allow us to operate two stations on the same band simultaneously and improve overall inter-station operability.

DX-peditions to the Southern Ocean are challenged by high winds which may result in downed antennas unless adequately guyed. Joining our corporate sponsors are Mastrant Antenna Guying and Clamcleat Limited. We’ll use a selection of their antenna support products to keep the masts in the air. We appreciate the confidence these new sponsors have in our project and team.

Project Major Milestones
During the week of October 20th team members will meet near Palo Alto, California to consolidate, integrate, test and pack the equipment for its transport to Punta Arenas, Chile. Arrangements were made for our customs broker to transport the tents and all other equipment to their depot where a container will be prepared for the journey.

The team began making their travel arrangements to meet the Braveheart in Chile. At their own expense airline reservations are being booked, and a Punta Arenas hotel will house the team.

Braveheart left New Zealand on August 20th to meet her contractual obligations in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, including VP6R Pitcairn Island DX-pedition, first stop Papeete, French Polynesia. She will return home sometime in April, 2020.

The inconvenient truth is amateur radio DX-peditions to the Southern Ocean, and other rare entities that require a ship charter, are expensive. While the team members will shoulder much of the cost of the project, we depend on corporate sponsors, clubs/foundations and individuals to share the cost. Ham radio is our hobby, businesses require full payment for their services.

To date, 37 clubs / foundations and over 300 individuals have shown their support for the project. With 6 months before sailing we are at 48% of our fundraising goal.

A subsequent DX-pedition to South Orkney Island will likely not take place for a long time. If you need South Orkney for an ATNO, band fills, or plan to play in the pileups, we would appreciate your help before we sail.

Ham Radio Events:
With the project still in the planning stage, we’ve agreed to participate at the following events:

  • Ham Radio (June, 2020) Friedrichshafen, Germany
  • Asia Pacific DX Convention (November, 2020) Osaka, Japan

In closing, we’ve been in contact with Silvano I2YSB of the Italian DX Team. Their recently announced DX-pedition to Tanzania will not overlap our South Orkney project. Good luck to Silvano and his team.


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